Rainwater-In-Context at StormCon 2011

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Stormwater professionals from across the continent gathered at the annual North American Surface Water Quality Conference, also known as StormCon, in Anaheim during late August.  Congress for the New Urbanism’s members came out in force as key presenters at this conference, which brings together many disciplines in the premier forum for stormwater practice collaboration.

Tom Low and Paul Crabtree, CNU members and contributors to the Rainwater-In-Context initiative, delivered a well-attended full-day Pre-Conference workshop on Light Imprint. Tom Low also presented on Light Imprint versus Low Impact Development.  As one of the Plenary Panelists, Crabtree presented important lessons learned for lower impact hydrology. “Today’s economic climate is unheralded and we can’t go on blithely like everything is going to return to normal,” Crabtree explained.  “Rather than adhere to War and Peace-length regulations, let’s try following Abe Lincoln’s advice.  Cities are not the problem; sprawl is the problem.  Traditional cities and green infrastructure are the solution.”

CNU’s presence at StormCon for the past three years reflects members efforts to affect stormwater dialogue and practices.  In addition to launching the Rainwater-In-Context site, members have engaged the E.P.A. on stormwater rulemaking and contributed to Stormwater Magazine through a series called, “Green Infrastructure and Community Design.”  Member authors include Paul Crabtree, Lisa Nisenson, Lynn Richards, Tom Low, John Jacob, Martin Dreiling, Joe Deluca, Tracy Vandaveer, Kim Stephens, Jim Dumont, and John Norquist.  For Crabtree, “Rainwater-In-Context is a continual effort to educate general practitioners, administrators, and academics on the importance of integrating rainwater best practices with good urbanism.”

Image: Paul Crabtree, Plenary Panelist at StormCon 2011 (far right).



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Access all articles in the Green Infrastructure and Community Design" series through this compendium available at Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia: http://watersustainabilitybc.blogspot.com/2011/11/stormwater-magazine-publishes-green.html

StormCon 2012

From Paul Crabtree: "StormCon 2012 will be in Denver from August 19 to 23 and is accepting proposals until December 6. I encourage CNU members and Rainwater initiative contributors to propose sessions in keeping with our "Green Infrastructure and Community Design" theme."

If you want to get involved or plan to attend the conference, email Caitlin Ghoshal at cghoshal AT cnu DOT org.


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