The Not So Big Showhouse in Libertyville, IL

The Grand Opening for the Not So Big Showhouse is scheduled for November 19th!  The "showhouse" is meant to demonstrate Sarah Susanka's design principle to "build better, not bigger."  Susanka's studio undertook SchoolStreet as a neighborhood urban infill project in the vibrant village of Libertyville, Illinois, just north of Chicago.

From Susanka's website:

"With all the challenges in the housing market, it's clear we need a new vision for the way we design our homes, our communities—and even our lives. This is the first time I've designed a showhouse that's located within an existing small town and in a new walkable community that's just off the town's main street. In many ways this combination reflects the heart of what Not So Big is all about," said Susanka. "The opening of the showhouse will give homeowners and professionals an unprecedented opportunity to experience how Not So Big can apply to every level of design—from the smallest detail inside the house, to the street, neighborhood and community as a whole. When all these ingredients are mixed together, the experience is truly more than the sum of its parts."

Watch the below feature from PBS News Report for more coverage on the Not So Big movement afoot:


So many great events

So many great events happening in Libertyville around School St. the weekend of 11/18. Click here for all the details:


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