Norquist to present at the NLC's Congress of Cities

John Norquist, President and CEO of CNU, is scheduled to speak at the NLC Congress of Cities on Friday, November 11th.  Norquist will lead a plenary session that ties together land planning, mobility, housing, economic growth and regional partnerships.  Examples of how commercial, social, environmental, and political forces interact with cutting-edge technology to shape community development will be explored.

The program for the Congress of Cities includes four concurrent conferences. 

From the National League of Cities website:

The Economic Development Conference will help local leaders foster global economic linkages and encourage entrepreneurship and small business — both critical ingredients to more competitive cities in a 21st century economy.

The Green Cities Conference will offer attendees an opportunity to explore and network across several topics fundamental to building and maintaining strong sustainability programs. Cities are clear and essential leaders in the promotion, development, and implementation of sustainability activities, programs, and policies.

The Infrastructure Conference will explore several topics fundamental to building and maintaining strong communities and regions. Programming and activities have been designed to focus on practical skills, tools and resources geared toward cities of all population sizes.

The National Summit on Your City's Families offers city officials a unique opportunity to learn effective and promising approaches for ensuring that every child has opportunities to learn and grow, a safe neighborhood to call home, a healthy lifestyle and environment, and a financially fit family in which to thrive.

For more information and to register, see the NLC website.






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