The Economics of Place

The Economics of Place: The Value of Building Communities Around People is a new book released by the Michigan Municipal League that aims to map out a regeneration plan for the state of Michigan. John Norquist contributed a chapter to the collection of essays that encourage the reader to consider the importance of attracting and keeping young people in the state, designing around people, engaging citizens in designing sustainable, vibrant communities, cultivating the cultural assets of a community to spur economic growth, and rewriting clumsy federal policy has in order to aid in Michigan’s renaissance.

Planetizen recently named The Economics of Place as one of its Noteworthy Titles of 2012 and says this of the book:

"The Economics of Place maps out an arts-driven regeneration plan for Michigan like a modern day Magna Carta, punctuated by testimonials from professionals in the field. The collection of essays encourages the reader to avoid externalizing 'place' as something separate from our core identity. Instead we should give more consideration to how places make us happier or healthier, and how this in turn drives economic activity. In praising the knowledge economy, mixed-use urban infill, benevolent immigrants, and social and cultural entrepreneurs, the work occasionally becomes proselytizing. But the book is brought back down to earth by its specific focus on the future of Michigan, which adds context to all the theory. The Michigan Municipal League provides an array problems and solutions, but also excellently outlines the principal obstacles to these development patterns. The concluding chapters contain a considered examination of counterproductive federal transit and housing policy that undermine planners' work to increase density and promote urban centers. While historically curious, the empirical breakdown of these laws and their effects set out specific courses of action for practitioners to follow."

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Streetsblog recently paid

Streetsblog recently paid attention to the title, noting how it is representative of an emerging meme that "creating vibrant urban spaces" is integral to Michigan's health. Only when the state's cities are revitalized will Michigan see a return to stability and growth.


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