Doug Farr to Accept Award at Smart Growth Achievement Ceremony

Tune in to watch the live webcast of the EPA Office of Sustainable Communities 2011 National Award for Smart Growth Achievement ceremony.

Watch Doug Farr, CNU Board member, accept this year’s award for Best Civic Space.  The ceremony begins at 11 am EST and will announce winners in five categories: Smart Growth and Green Building, Programs, Policies and Regulations, Rural Smart Growth, Civic Places, and Overall Excellence. The ceremony will feature a keynote by Doug McKalip, Senior Policy Advisor for Rural Affairs at the White House, as well as short videos of the winning projects, followed by brief remarks from the winning communities.

Tune in on Thursday morning, direct at :



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Farr improves Normal

From age 8 to 15 I lived on the edge of Normal, Illinois; at Division St. and Fell Avenue to be exact. I used to ride my bike to downtown Normal which was kind of exciting in those days. There was a malt shop, a movie theatre and bustling Illinois State Normal University nearby. I remember seeing the 1960 Jerry lewis film "Cinderella" and shopping at a hobby shop that had electric trains for sale. I saw downtown Normal again in the 1980s and it was basically gone. The streets were widened. Many of the buildings were gone. It was sad. Normal Mayor Chris Koos hired Doug Farr to bring downtown Normal back to life and together with a lot of dedicated citizens and responsible property ownners they've done just that.

Normal is fun and exciting again. Doug Farr and Mayor Koos richly deserve the recognition.


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