CNU Member Mark Nickita Appointed Mayor of Birmingham

On Monday, the City Commission of Birmingham, MI appointed Mark Nickita , CNU activist and Detroit-based architect, as the city’s next mayor.  Nickita was a member of the city planning board prior to his election to the City Commission in 2009.  As chair of the City Plan Commission, he led the effort to urbanize the downtown area.  By hiring Andres Duany and Bob Gibs to design the renewal plan, Nickita has helped transform Birmingham’s center into a very walkable urban environment.

Nickita has been an active CNU member since the 1997 Congress in Toronto where he spoke on the revival of Detroit, a city in which Nickita runs several coffee shops and retail businesses.  CNU President and CEO John Norquist refers to Nickita as the “Mitch Ryder of New Urbanism” for his devotion to industrial working class cities.

Read the local coverage of Nickita's appointment in the Observer & Eccentric.

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Nickita on Detroit:


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