Placeology Hosts Live/Work Image Hunt!

 As part of our new membership benefits, all CNU members at the Urbanist level and above receive a discounted subscription to Placeology, the community-powered image database that makes it easy to find and share high-quality photographs of any kind of place. Placeology seeks to identify imagery needs among the community of urban development professionals and utilize the membership and database together as a resource to help satisfy those needs.

And now the good folks behind Placeology are launching a new effort to conduct a targeted Image Hunt to collect photographs on specific subjects related to the built-environment.  The ultimate goal is to build a resource that is more than just a database of urbanism, but also one that features the photos that development professionals need in support of their work to build better towns and cities.

Live / Work Units, a hot topic in the design and development industry today, are the subject of the first contest.  Although proven to be one of the most highly versatile building types, they often remain missing from the palette of suburban developers. With this Image Hunt, Placeology hopes to aggregate the best examples of this building type from both new and old sites from around the country. Using Placeology's built in Discussion feature for the submitted images, the community of members can turn this database of Live / Work units into a powerful resource of knowledge.

The Placeology member that submits the most examples of valid Live/Work units will receive:

-A free one-year Plus membership

  -A copy of "Greyfields into Goldfields", courtesy of CNU 

Every Placeology member that submits 5 pictures of Live / Work Units will receive a coupon good for a one-month Plus membership to the database! And don't forget, CNU members already get discounted memberships to this vital photo source! Click here to learn more and enter the contest!

And if you're not already, become a CNU member today.





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