Initial Phase of Fort Worth, TX Modern Streetcar Chosen, Funding Identified

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Fort Worth, Texas Modern Streetcar Project Phase One

The Fort Worth, Texas Modern Streetcar Project consultant HDR, Inc. has now selected a Phase One alignment, and identified funding.  The starter alignment would link Trinity Uptown, Downtown, and the Near Southside, and would tie into two commuter rail stations.  Fort Worthology reports:

Phase 1a, immediately viable on its own, connects Downtown with the Near Southside.  It runs from the Intermodal Transportation Center on 9th, down Jennings under I-30 and the railroads, then heads east on Vickery (connecting to the T&P Station) to South Main, then down South Main to Magnolia (at JPS Hospital).Phase 1b connects to Phase 1a, runs north through Downtown, then across the river on North Main to the heart of the future Trinity River Vision area on NE/NW 5th.Phase 1a is viable on its own, but HDR’s recommendation is both Phase 1a and 1b to capture development potential in both the Near Southside and the TRV/Trinity Uptown area.  They recommend implementing both 1a and 1b concurrently.

HDR also identified funding for the initial alignment that would come directly from the districts themselves, with no money needed from the city's general fund:

Phase 1a can be funded by the Near Southside TIF District and the Federal Transit Administration grant that Fort Worth won – its total cost is roughly $55 million.  Phase 1b can be funded by the Trinity River Vision TIF – its total cost is roughly $30 million.


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