Sign the petition to save New Orleans' Charity Hospital

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Footprint of LSU/VA proposal that would abandon Charity Hospital

The City of New Orleans is grappling with what to do with Charity Hospital. The proposed LSU/VA medical complex would permanently abandon Charity Hospital, leaving one of the most beautiful buildings in the city to sit blighted with no plans for reuse. It would relocate to the other side of Claiborne Avenue, demolish or move all the buildings from a 27-block area, including the destruction of 249 buildings, and close down city streets with a very conventional suburban design.

The Foundation for Historical Louisiana (FHL) commissioned RMJM Hillier to review Charity Hospital. They concluded a retrofitted Charity could serve as LSU’s teaching hospital and that the VA’s part of the medical complex could be moved to the site currently favored by LSU, a site adjacent to I-10 that minimizes the destruction of Lower Mid-City. The RMJM Hillier/FHL proposal would centralize health care services in the Downtown Medical District.RMJM Hillier determined that “there are no fundamental flaws that would impede the rehabilitation of Charity Hospital into a state-of-the-art modern facility” and found the building to be structurally sound.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu is willing to consider this alternative proposal if there is community support. Please sign the petition today in support of re-opening Charity Hospital, building a successful medical district in downtown, and saving the Lower Mid-City Neighborhood

And check out this great summary video by Save Charity Hospital:


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