Abogo, A New Transportation Cost Tool

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The Center for Neighborhood Technology has a new tool that allows you to see just how much transportation affects your pocketbook. The tool, called Abogo, uses census data to determine how much a family spends on average on transportation in a given area, as well as how much CO2 that family produces. You can type in any address that falls in any major metropolitan area in the United States and find an estimate of how much transportation is costing you a month. Abogo looks at the cost of car ownership, car use, and public transit use in an area.

This is a great tool for prospective homeowners to use to determine what they can expect to spend on transportation. It is also a great tool for current residents to visualize how much less transportation costs for dense areas connected with public transportation than areas that are sprawling where people must rely on their cars.

Check out Abogo here!


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