Learning from CNU 18: HUD Sec. Shaun Donovan Speaks

This year's conference gathered more attention when HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan contacted our office to announce his attendance at CNU 18 in Atlanta. His address at the conference was a big step for new urbanism, as it set forth a federal initiative for funding projects that are in line with new urbanist principles espoused by CNU. Writing in the Austin Chronicle, Katherine Gregor writes: "The first way we’re embracing sustainability at HUD is by making the most significant federal investment in planning in a generation. With the $140 million in regional planning and community challenge grants that we will be issuing NOFAs for in the coming weeks, we hope to send a message to every community in the country that planning is important," he said. "With our $100 million Sustainability Planning Grant program, we want to encourage metropolitan and rural regions to plan for the integration of economic development, land use, and transportation investments."

To read the full article, go here.


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