HUD Announces the End of Urban Sprawl as We Know It, New Urbanists Feel Fine

Shaun Donovan's speech at CNU18 addressed environmental and economic policy issues. Along with announcing a plan for dispersing sustainable development grants to communities around the country, he addressed the need to include the people in plans for change citing 'urban renewal' projects of the 1950s as problematic.

From this article:"This is not about the federal government telling communities what they need to look like -- we tried that before," he added, alluding to the disastrous "urban renewal" policies of the 1960s. "This is people voting with their feet, as they want to move to communities with more transportation options. The President understands this, and place is clearly part of this discussion in a way it hasn't been before." The New Urbanists understood this before anyone else, he told them. "Our challenge is to bring that holistic view into the mainstream," and to "take it to scale."


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