Help Save Louisville, fill out this questionaire

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As the Louisville and Southern Indiana Bridges Authority tries to figure out how to pay for their Ohio River Bridges Project (ORBP), a project that adds two new bridges crossing the Ohio River and expands the junction of I-65, I-71, and I-64 in downtown Louisville at a price tag of $4.1 billion, an effort is underway at Save Louisville to get input from urban planners on the quality of the proposed plan.

In line with's efforts to stop the expansion of this interstate along the waterfront, Save Louisville recently put out a call for urban planners to evaluate the merits of the project. New Urbanists, do you feel like weighing in? Fill out this questionaire. This project is on CNU's Freeways without Futures list and there's a lot of information about the proposal at the Ohio River Bridges Project website.

Also check out this new video, Considering Louisville's Future.


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