Top Ten Things You Will Learn at CNU 17 202 Sessions

In this economy, it pays to be prepared. CNU offers specific tools you won’t find anywhere else on the details of how to implement New Urbanism. From engineering innovations to specific architectural design details, learn how to make your project stand out. Here are top 10 reasons to attend these classes

All classes are 3 hours on Thursday June 11, 2009 and are approved AICP CM credits and AIA credits are being approved every day Click here for specific updates.

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Thursday June 11, 9am-Noon
A: Details of New Urbanism Part 1 – From Curb to Cupola – the New Paradigm
This session is full of specific design details to make your project a success. Learn from developers, architects and designers how to make your project stand out. Seasoned experts will explain survival strategies to make it through the downturn. The time to retrofit your plan is NOW – come hear how to survive in a down market.

B. Moving Beyond The CNU/ITE Manual
The Art of Integrating the Technical, Operational, and Political
This class will go in depth to explore the step by step mechanics of creating great urban thoroughfares. Learn the details behind this CNU and ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers) engineering manual to transform your streets into thriving public spaces.

C. Comprehensive New Urbanism for Comprehensive Plans
Join leading new urbanists Rick Bernhardt, author of the Community Character Manual which applies the transect to neighborhoods throughout Nashville and longtime leading urbanist Gianni Longo of ACP Planning and others in this interactive session. Instructors will show how to take a standard planning tool-the comprehensive plan and infuse it with New Urbanists elements to help better shape form and character in your community.

D. Building Beautifully: Placing Craftsmanship Alongside Architecture and Urbanism in New Urbanism

Former CNU board member and leader of this session Hank Dittmar brings leading thinkers from the United Kingdom showing how New Urbanism is promoting sustainable development. According to Hank, “the recession is partly about the collapse of the old economic model for development. A new model for the economy will rely on a local building forms, integrating training and employment as a key part of sustainable communities.” This session will explore ways to employ craft techniques to advantage in the post recession economy.

E. Sustainable Retail Development: Principles and Techniques
Leading retail experts Bob Gibbs and Bruce Heckman will show the latest strategies as the market crawls out of the recession. Discover which retail environments are thriving and which may die. Learn how to adjust strategies in challenging market.

Thursday June 11 2pm-5pm

F. Retail: Delivering the Promise
Max Riem and Rob Spanier are known for their innovative approaches to retail encompassing the whole cloth urban environment. Learn how to create vibrant public spaces whether it is from the development, commercial consultant or leasing and sales.

G. Achieving Sustainability Using Form-Based Codes and the Transect
Dan Parolek co-author of a book “Form-Based Codes” that was published by John Wiley & Sons in the Spring of 2008. Dan and others will illustrate specific details of Form Based Codes showing what works and what doesn’t. Learn the specific tools that make Form-Based Codes sustainable and how to reduce your community’s carbon footprint.

H. A Family Affair with Architecture and Urbanism
Up close and personal with the masters. This is a rare opportunity to see both Leon and Rob Krier, brothers and colleagues together in New Urbanism. Together they will teach the details of developing contextual buildings that reflect a sense of place. Rob and Leon will discuss the range of this development and offer lessons from their latest work.

I. Implementation Strategies for Transit-Oriented Development
Getting the right mix of transit-oriented development is a complicated recipe involving landowners, transit agencies and a myriad group of city departments. Learn from leading experts from the Center for Transit Oriented Development about how they are planning for TOD expansion throughout Denver and throughout the region.

J. Retrofitting Suburbia
Heralded by TIME as one of the top 10 ideas changing the world Ellen Dunham Jones and June Williamson will offer lessons from years of studying the country’s most successful suburban retrofits.

CNU offers these changes to hit the books, obtain professional development credits and pick up valuable tools to prepare for the recovery ahead. Register now before early registration prices end!



These are a great learning tool and a good place to get your AICP CM credits.

Heather Smith
Planning Director
Congress for the New Urbanism


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