Scott Polikov on the value of CNU 17

We asked a number of CNU 17 participants a few questions about why they’re looking forward to the event. This is what Scott Polikov had to say.

What issues and challenges are getting your attention these days? How much progress are you making?

Although it seems very tough, this is an amazing time as we work to reinvent the shattered system of real estate development and finance. I see the silver lining as the opportunity to re-focus on those things that count most: long term value, public-private partnerships and community development, which are all fundamental pillars of the New Urbanism.

What's something attendees will learn from your session that could give them an advantage in the field at a time when they need all the help they can get?

“Responding to the Market: The New Frontier of Financing for New Urbanists”
Again moderating the developer plenary, I look forward to having a frank discussion about what it is going to take to move projects forward. Last year, we talked about how to survive the downturn. This year, it is time to discuss how to position for the upturn.

What role do new urbanist solutions have to play in the recovery and in addressing major challenges we face?

It used to be about cash flow; now it is about sustaining value. The New Urbanism offers the best hope for a reinvented real estate sector.

What's a top reason people should attend this year's leading gathering of urbanists—CNU 17?

The time to prepare for the future could not be more important than now. CNU always offers the best variety of experiences, perspectives and creativity. Our time has come.

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