Ray Gindroz on the value of CNU 17

We asked a number of CNU 17 participants a few questions about why they’re looking forward to the event. This is what Ray Gindroz had to say.

What issues and challenges are getting your attention these days? How much progress are you making?

We are constantly adjusting the schedules for implementing projects as a response to economic challenges. Much of our time is spent demonstrating the economic benefit of New Urbanism and in developing communities at the highest possible quality. We are forced to be more efficient with time and money and with the types of construction we are using. Our heads are still above water.

What's something attendees will learn from your session that could give them an advantage in the field at a time when they need all the help they can get?

“CNU and HUD: Opportunities for Innovation in Affordable Housing”
This Panel discussion will present the achievements of the CNU Collaboration with HUD that led to the successes of the HOPE VI program as a basis of identifying opportunities for New Urbanism in the programs of the New Administration. The principles of New Urbanism can be used to guide the implementation of the new Housing programs to ensure the creation of mixed income, sustainable, diverse, walkable, and lively neighborhoods.

“Around the World in 8 Hours: International Session” and “Oslo Denver Initiative on Urban Design and Climate Change”
In building carbon free, sustainable communities we can learn much from the high density, livable environments of Europe and the latest technologies for using traditional building techniques to build green.

What role do new urbanist solutions have to play in the recovery and in addressing major challenges we face?

The first success stories of the recovery that has barely begun are already visible—New Urban and traditional city neighborhoods have fared much better than sprawl communities during this period of economic crises. The convenience of walkable neighborhoods, of not relying on the automobile for every daily need, and the joys of living in a human scale neighborhood, rich with opportunities of social contact, have proven to be durable. By sticking to our principles, we will continue to lead the recovery.

Describe a topic or challenge you are looking forward to exploring at CNU 17? (And urbanists with whom you look forward to exploring it?)

Green Design, High Density livable design, and Transit Oriented development techniques----more than the concept, but the details.

What's a top reason people should attend this year's leading gathering of urbanists—CNU 17?

We are all in this together. CNU 17 will bring together the best minds in many different fields who are working hard to find the best path to the future. By coming together, in both formal and informal sessions, we can share ideas and develop new ones. Opportunities for new projects, for new approaches, and for changing the way we do things, are always the most exciting time for any movement. Don’t miss the excitement and the companionship that will lead us to success.

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