TIME Magazine: Recycling Suburbia is #2 "Idea Changing the World Right Now"

TIME Magazine recently released its list of the “10 Ideas Changing the World Right Now,” highlighting some of the progressive ideas reshaping the face of our global economy. Coming in at #2 is “Recycling the Suburbs,” a concept that offers an alternative for a commercial suburbia threatened by dying shopping malls and empty retail prospects. Builders are able to retain the asphalt and steel foundation of a project’s predecessor, converting these spaces into mixed-use developments and making for an all-around environmentally friendly process. “All of these projects are developer-driven, because the market wants them," says Ellen Dunham-Jones, CNU Board Member and co-author of a new book titled Retrofitting Suburbia. She will be featured at CNU 17 in a session of the same name, alongside the book’s other author, June Williamson.

CNU has been a driving force in the push for suburban retrofits, beginning with its 3-part series on converting malls to mixed-use centers. To learn more about our efforts, check out Malls into Mainstreets and Greyfields into Goldfields.

Photo: "Big Box" retail is dying out, paving the way for mixed-use development as an alternative.


Once Again, Rescue for Suburbia!

Proof once again that Redevelopment energy and resources remain reserved for areas with political clout and money, while the 50 year bypass of America's most desperate areas continues.

a bit more

Accompanying the Time story are some haunting, evocative photos of dead stores and malls by Brian Ulrich, several of which I feature in my NRDC blog today.

Incidentally, the #4 "idea changing the world" featured in the Time article is Reinstating the Interstate, discussing ways to make our Interstate highway rights-of-way more multi-modal, and featuring former CNU executive director Shelley Poticha.



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