Urban churches foster a sense of community

In Texas newsmagazine The Baptist Standard, reporter Robert Dilday discusses how churches are beginning to take advantage of the qualities of New Urbanism. In addition to the attractiveness of urban living, Dilday highlights the crucial role that New Urbanism plays in establishing a sense of community within church groups, especially those with members of different socio-economic backgrounds. By utilizing central locations, such as coffeehouses and dining establishments, to foster creative conversations, pastors and churchgoers alike have found new ways to reach out to individuals interested in joining, while providing a time for discussion among those who have been longtime members.

Photo: "Urban churches reach out to the ‘creative class’ with edgy art, ancient traditions."


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Intersting post and interesting article, Dillon. I agree.

Here in DC, we are starting to see NIMBY opposition to church activities, which I think says a lot (and not much good) about how we have evolved as a society. I wrote about it last year on my NRDC blog here and here.



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