Too Much of a Good Thing : Report Finds None of Alaskan Way Plans are Pedestrian Friendly

A new report by Gehl Architects from Denmark finds that none of the replacement options for the Alaskan Way Viaduct are pedestrian friendly. The reason the Gehl folks cite is rather surprising. In scenario after scenario "the space along the water is out-of-scale, too wide and lacking definition." It seems, in trying to maximize space for pedestrians, Gehl Architects thinks we've given them too much of a good thing. That begs the question, since we've got the space to make them happy, what should we do with it to bring the entice the walkers?

Check out this Seattle Times article on the report HERE, and stay tuned for a link to the report itself.




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Gehl Report here

Check out the Gehl analysis of the 8 alternatives here.


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