Philly Ink Biz Blog Finds Norquist's Call to Tear Down I-95 "Seductive"

Philadelphia Inquirer business reporter and columnist Joseph DiStefano sees business opportunity in the call from CNU Board member Sam Sherman and CNU CEO John Norquist (who was in town to pick up an award from the Ed Bacon Foundation) to replace I-95 with a grand urban boulevard.

Here's part of what DiStefano had to say in his Inky blog:

Knock down I-95?
As Democrats in Washington plot billions in federal transportation aid and work projects, ex-Milwaukee mayor and "New Urbanism" city-revival advocate John O. Norquist has a proposal for Philadelphia's I-95 Delaware Expressway: Knock it down.

"New York's West Side Highway is gone. San Francisco's Embarcadero Freeway - gone. I-95 should never have been built through the city," Norquist told me on a swing through Philly to pick up a city planners' award from the Ed Bacon Foundation (

For more opportunities to bring city neighborhoods back to valuable life by removing freeways, see CNU's Freeways Without Futures list.


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