Living up to its plans: Mixson is as European as US development gets (plus green and entry-level priced)

Mixson earned a Charter Award from the 2008 jury based on revelatory plans like the rendering shown here in detail. The urbanism that Vince Graham and I'On Group are committed to building on this infill site in North Charleston (the former home of World War II worker barracks) is almost impossible to pull off on this side of the Atlantic given the laws and professional standards that work to make streets too wide and parking too plentiful even when developers overcome conventional codes to create mixed-use neighborhoods.

Now Mixson is rising out of the ground and making good — against the odds — on the promise jurors saw in its plans. The urbanism at Mixson is intimately and intricately woven, with many amenities of daily life found within walking distance (if not now, soon) and parking tucked carefully into inconspicuous mews, courtyards and other urban nooks and crannies. It's also a very green place (the neighborhood is expected to be LEED-ND rated) filled with small housing units that are aimed at first-time buyers or renters.

In Charleston for a SmartCode workshop, Ben Brown forwarded these images. They show Mixson will be fun to track as it takes shape. Click on the images below for a closer look.


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