Learn More! Viriginia's Secondary Street Acceptance Requirements (Proposed)

This Powerpoint presentation from VA Asst. DOT Secretary Nick Donohue provides an overview of proposed changes to standards by which Virginia accepts secondary streets into the network of streets it operates and maintains. If the streets fall below a certain link-node ratio (as many subdivision cul-de-sacs would, especially if connections to surrounding developments were rejected), then the streets would be classified as for "private benefit" rather than "public benefit" and would not be accepted into the state system. As CNU member Dan Slone, who helped draft the new standards says, "the requirements would be extremely beneficial to TND's and would in general stimulate better connectivity and better pedestrian environments in areas likely to have higher density development in Virginia whether they are designed as TND's or not." The measure would also provide for narrowing residential streets from 36-40 feet to 29-36 feet, in part to calm through traffic.

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