Halloween is CNU's Favorite Holiday

"Halloween is naturally a favorite for the New Urbanist," says Steve Filmanowicz of the Congress for the New Urbanism. "Think about it, all American holidays have a focus on community, which we naturally appreciate. However, a unique element of All Hallow's Eve is the focus on congregating in the streets, meeting your neighbors, and, of course, just getting out there and walking around! (Or scooting, as the case may be.) This is one of the few occasions in almost every part of our great nation where everyone is, regardless of the weather, encouraged to enjoy the simple pleasures of using their sidewalks (if they have them)."

In his vigor to appreciate the holiday, Mr. Filmanowicz rolled into the office, sporting his festive costume. With the goal of scaring highway builders and sub-division developers alike, Mr. Filmaowicz showed up as the dreaded - MASS TRANSIT!!!


Mass Transit

Doors Closing Steve!

Heather "storm water"Smith
Planning Director
Congress for the New Urbanism

Reality derails

Steve's scary interpretation of the CTA's Blue Line looks convincing enough to apply for federal transit funds.

Blow out on Car 1 en route to Union Station

For the record, Carl must have been under the influence of something -- the pungent scent wafting into his apartment above the Chicago stockyards? -- when he attributed that quote to me. That said, the statement is brilliant in its own twisted way.

BUt what's so scary about this costume? I call this form of conveyance convenient and attractive. After placing second (based on an informal assessment of audience applause) to Sarah Palin's moose in the CNU-Farr costume contest, I rode these two L cars to Union Station, making the trip in record time despite suffering a blow out on the Clark Street curb. If only the CTA could brag of such on-time performance!


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