Sustainable Communities '08 honors Sim Van Der Ryn

Sim Van Der Ryn accepted CNU's Athena Medal at the Sustainable Communities '08 symposium in San Francisco on Friday. The deserving awardee was introduced by Jonathan Rose, accepted graciously and delivered a wise and provocative speech, one of the many highlights from the day's sessions. Expect to hear more about these highlights — including quotes, audio recordings, powerpoint presentations — in the coming days.

Here are some photos from the event!


And the Blogs are Responding!

And the blogs are responding!

Warren Karlenzig, celebrated writer, planner and blogger over at recently highlighted Sustainable Communities.

"CNU's morning program was brilliant," Karlenzig writes. He then went on to quote Peter Schwarz from Global Business Network on his interpretation of the current financial crises and its affects on sustainability initiatives, CNU president John Norquist, on how "sprawl is the number one risk factor in real estate development" and lauded the "lateral learning" on sustainability going on between American mayors absent federal leadership.

Mr. Karlenzig's endorsement is another impressive feather-in-the-cap for CNU's successful Sustainable Communities symposium.


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