Perfect day to meet on Holly Street in Jacobsburg

There really is no better time for enjoying the life of city streets than a mid-September Sunday. It's when the sun shines and shines but never overheats, leaving the whole northern half of the country feeling like Santa Barbara the rest of the year. And nowhere is the enjoying better than on Holly Street in Jacobsburg.

Great Neighborhood Book authorJay Waljasper says it's the best street in the best neighborhood in America and he may be right, though Brady Street in MIlwaukee is looking pretty darn good today.

Do you have a neighborhood to nominate?? Krierville perhaps?


Brady Street, as promised

OK, I added a photo taken this afternoon, 2:00 p.m., 72 degrees F.
It might have looked a little less populated had the Packers been playing at their regular time instead of this evening.

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Holly Street sounds like a lot more fun than Monocle Magazine's Perfect High Street, at least to this lowly non-billionaire. After all, a spring festival sounds like more fun than yet another bespoke suit.

My recent travels didn't turn up any neighborhoods which matched Walljasper's description (although perhaps the closest would be Main Street through Mount Pleasant in Vancouver) but I did come across this appealing little business in Denver's Highlands Square neighborhood:


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