Housing Market Continued: Beat the Gasoline Prices

In the San Diego Business Journal, Ned Randolph continues to write about the high prices in gasoline and how moving closer to work can help beat the issue. Some comments found in the article include Rick Snyder of R.A. Snyder Properties Inc and Alan Nevin, director of research for MarketPointe Realty Advisors in La Jolla. Snyder states “We are seeing throughout the county where individuals are providing notice. We often ask them their motivation for moving, and have seen an increase of people indicating they are seeking to move closer to work. That definitely is happening.” Nevin then states 'energy costs that are causing a shift in rental markets will eventually create a permanent market shift toward urban homes'. Ned Randolph continues the article with more emphasis on gas prices and the overall influence on the housing market as a whole. To learn more, read the article here.


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