Simply Enough, Affordable Apartments in High-Rent Locations

In this article from the San Francisco Chronicle, John King addresses the issue of finding affordable housing in a high-rent location for residents who have a lower income than the area's average clientele. At the northeast corner of Broadway and Battery Streets in San Francisco sits the site of an eighty-one unit apartment complex that houses residents of various incomes at an affordable rate for all. Here, a high-end location that has blossomed over the decades from San Francisco's first pier in 1847, to a string of warehouses, to what was known as the Embarcadero Freeway in 1959 up until its demolition in 1991, holds the new location of affordable housing in 2008 for San Francisco's residents.

Designed by San Francisco firm WRT/Solomon, E.T.C., the goal was to create a complex that allows "us a chance to repair the city fabric,[and] knit things back together," as stated by Daniel Solomon, a co-founder of CNU. The complex, which is called simply enough, Broadway Family Apartments, incorporates a design derived from the remaining few warehouses that resided on the site prior to its new use. Ranging from studio units to three-bedrooms, there is a multitude of possibilities for a variety of clientele. Read the article here for more information and residents remarks.


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