OK City says OK to Freeway Teardown

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Crosstown Expressway Image

USA Today reports that the aging Crosstown Expressway in Oklahoma City will be demolished in 2012. The Crosstown Expressway is an elevated 4.5-mile stretch of Interstate 40. An old-fashioned boulevard and a mile-long park will be constructed in its place. The highway won't entirely disappear however. It will be moved five blocks from downtown and will be in an trench instead of elevated. The city hopes to spur development of 80 city blocks stretching from downtown to the Oklahoma River, see satellite image from Google.

Check out USA Today's full article, Oklahoma City swaps highway for park.


And I say "Amen" to John Norquist's quote in USA Today

It's right near the top, in paragraph six: "Highways don't belong in cities. Period," says John Norquist, who was mayor of Milwaukee when it closed a highway. "Europe didn't do it. America did. And our cities have paid the price."


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