Look Inside for CNU XVI files!

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Forgot to scribble down that crucial little statistic or quote from a great presentation at CNU XVI? Still regret having to choose between three fascinating panels on Friday afternoon? Had to leave before the big closing ceremony? We're glad to hear that you want to continue the learning and discussions that you had at the Congress. Never fear, because the CNU XVI Multimedia Toolkit is on its way!

CNU is building a sizable online library of materials from the Austin Congress. We’ve collected hundreds of gigabytes of audio and video recordings and blog posts –- with more leading-edge material pouring in every day thanks to our speakers. We want to see all of this material online just as much as you do, so getting them posted is our top priority these days. We're busy filing, organizing, and compressing thousands of files -- a process that will take a few weeks. However, we've already posted a few of the most important files; check our multimedia library, or the CNU XVI Blog for ongoing updates.

Oh, and did you drop that crucial contact's business card while grabbing coffee or out on the dance floor? You can use the CNU XVI attendee list and CNU's searchable online directory of members to reconnect.


Check out Youtube interviews now, audio-video from sessions soon

The first audio and video from sessions will go up today, but in the meantime, check out the great Youtube interviews that Ben Brown shot in Austin using a handy Flip video camera. The best way to see them all is to check out Ben's blog.

Video of Top Developers Discussing New Urbanist Advantage

A video recording of the newsworthy Friday morning plenary session is up.


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