Florida Chapter Annual Conference Recap

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Doug Farr, Victor Dover, John Norquist and I participated in a special half day session prior to the 4th Annual CNU Florida Chapter meeting last week. It was a sell out. Doug reviewed his Sustainable Urbanism book and then he and Victor conducted a LEED-ND mock point review of several projects in Florida. At the risk of wearing Doug out, I recommend this format to all the other chapters.

Our Annual meeting was a great success, marked by excellent presentations from DCA Secretary Tom Pelham, Washington D.C., Planning Director Harriet Tregoning, SGA Director Geoff Anderson (4th day on the job), and concluding remarks by Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk. We concluded with a unanimous vote to undertake a three-part agenda in 2008:

  1. Support Sec Pelham's Citizen's Bill of Rights Growth Management legislation.
  2. Join the Governor's Climate Change Action Team in areas such as transportation / land use and adaptation.
  3. Rachet up CNU Florida chapter involvement in the LEED-ND review process.

The Chapter's John Nolen Medal was awarded to Walter Kulash and the Charles Barrett Design Award to Ernesto Bush. We also recognized the award of the Seaside Prize this weekend to CNU's Chair, Hank Dittmar.

The Chapter is in excellent shape financially and we elected new officers; Marcela Camblor, Chair, Jim Murley, Vice Chair and James Moore, Secretary-Treasurer. Rick Hall remains on the Executive Committee as immediate Past Chair. We have employed a part time Chapter Coordinator and authorized the hiring of an individual to represent the Chapter during the upcoming Legislative session.

The Florida Board and our regional representatives are looking forward to joining the CNU board at Seaside on February 28 and 29th. Todd Zimmerman has agreed to assist in putting together a panel on how the emerging real estate markets will impact future new urban development in Florida Great Northwest. The gathering will be on Thursday night and will help in organizing CNU members in the surrounding area.


A Strong Agenda

Reading this report is the next best thing to being at the chapter meeting -- even as the Midwest hunkers down for the latest 14-inch snowstorm. It's great to see the Florida chapter committing to take on a leadership role in Florida land-use and climate-change initiatives. Thanks for the report.


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