On Wednesday Mr. Robert A.M. Stern, 68, was appointed to a third term at Yale

WHEN Robert A. M. Stern was appointed dean of the Yale School of Architecture in 1998, the reaction among a broad swath of students, faculty members and prominent architects was shock mixed with disdainful indignation. Too traditional, they argued, a backward decision for an institution known for producing the progressive architects of tomorrow.On Wednesday Mr. Stern, 68, was appointed to a third term at Yale, where for the past nine years he has earned wide admiration as a committed educator with an openness to many different architectural styles, qualities critics often find lacking in the tradition-bound aesthetic of his buildings. But even those who dislike — or even dismiss — his architecture as retrograde say he has transformed Yale’s Architecture School from a complacent institution that mirrored the likes and dislikes of its deans into a vibrant nexus of ideas and debate in which multiple views are represented and conflict encouraged.
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