Obesity-Walkability-New Urbanism Link

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It seems more and more studies these days are making the connection between the built environment and health, and pointing to the challenge we face in improving our communities.

Two recent news stories are a case in point. One covers a study that found a link between gas prices and obesity. Higher gas prices encourage walking and alternative transportation. But another covered a study that exposed a lack of walking amenities in communities. So what do people do when it gets too expensive to drive, but walking, biking, and transit aren't options?

This, of course, is where New Urbanism comes in. It's critical that we provide our communities with more transportation choices.

Higher gasoline price seen trimming down Americans
Reuters 9/11/2007
"Higher gasoline prices can reduce obesity by leading people to walk or cycle instead of drive..."

Walking hard for many exercisers
AP via CNN.com 9/7/2007
"Nearly one in four people in the Atlanta area are exercise enthusiasts stuck in neighborhoods without sidewalks or other walking amenities, according to a study that illustrates a problem for many Americans."


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