New deadline for Campbell Soup

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Courier-Post Staff

City council and the Camden Redevelopment Agency moved Tuesday to extend a key deadline for a controversial redevelopment project at the headquarters of Campbell Soup Co.

Staff writer Alan Guenther contributed to this report. Reach Jim Walsh at (856) 486-2646 or

To express yourself or protest this space and transportation asset wasting Charter Violating project in the heart of the U.S.A.'s most impoverished city and New Urbanism's greatest challenge, use the contacts below. The most important objective at this point is for the project to receive an official Office of Smart Growth review. The NJ dept. of Community Affairs won a Charter Award from The Congress of New Urbanism for it's Smart Growth Plan. This end run around the Smart Growth review makes a mockery of that Charter Award. James Howard Kunstler as recently as July 25th called the Campbell's project "one of the last great blunders of our age." But as they say, "it ain't over until its over."
(You can find out more about the Campbells project in Camden, New jersey at

You can also post comments anonymously on the Courier Post Forum. This is the local paper that covers Camden and Campbells.Leonard F. Griehs' Cammpbells Investor Relations/ Analyst recently stated he is not worried about the project negatively affecting Campbell Soup stock prices, since he feels it is simply a matter of local interest. Aren't all development projects local in nature? Please let it be known to those below that there are people and a organization that feels all these "local" projects are connected to form a national issue of great importance and concern by contacting those listed below and taking part in the CP Forum and CNU Salon.

Camden, NJ Department of Development & Planning
John Kromer
Phone: 856-757-7600
Fax: 856-964-2262

Campbell Soup Company
1 Campbell Place
Camden, NJ 08103-1799
NJ Tel. 856-342-4800
Toll Free 800-257-8443
Fax 856-342-3878 CONTACT:
Anthony Sanzio (Campbell's Media)

(856) 968-4390 Leonard F. Griehs
( Cammpbells.Investor Relations/ Analysts)

(856) 342-6428 Gov. Corzines office phone is 609-292-6000
Fax: 609-292-3454 NJ Office of Smart Growth
To send a brief message e-mail comments to DCA Feedback.

Commissioner's Office at 609-292-6420. For press inquiries, please contact the Office of Communications and Policy at 609-292-6055.



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