Adaptability of Seattle Commuters: Evidence That Alaskan Way Viaduct Can Go

The recent closure of lanes on Interstate 5 in Seattle was, according to many media outlets, supposed to create commuting nightmares for Seattleites. But as half of 120,000 commuters have sought alternatives to driving, traffic has actually lessened and commuting has been rather smooth in Seattle. Though Seattle is often seen as a car-oriented city, its residents have transit alternatives -- whether they be ride-sharing, water taxis, or buses -- that enable them to adapt to times of infrasturacture rehabilitation. This current situation shows that Seattle can cope without the Alaskan Way Viaduct -- the elevated freeway that segregates downtown from the waterfront. The Seattle Post-Intelliger covers this story of adaptability with a news story and an Op-Ed piece:

Commuters showed they can adapt, at least briefly, 8/17/2007
I-5 closure shows we're adaptable, 8/16/2007


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