Norquist Discusses Urban Renewal in Upstate New York

CNU President John Norquist was a featured speaker at an urban policy seminar entitled "Can Upstate Cities Save Themsleves," held in Albany in early June.

Upstate cities, such as Albany, Rochester, and Buffalo continue to age drastically, while losing jobs and population. As violent crime continues to pose a threat to citizens, many residents have moved to the suburbs. Suburban flight has perpetuated the process of underfunding (for redevelopment) and resulted in further decay.

At the seminar, Norquist emphasized the importance of garnering private investment for cities instead of just public (state) investment. Historically, states have hurt cities by building menacing freeways and vast surface parking lots that have torn apart urban fabric and lessened tax revenues and property values.

Two Upstate newspaper articles feature this seminar:

Finding path to upstate renewal

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