more evidence that smart growth isn't just for liberals

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"Sanford seeks sprawl control."

That's the headline in a recent issue of the Columbia (SC) State ( Mark Sanford, the state's impeccably conservative governor, was "omnipresent" at a conference on sprawl, moderated by Andres Duany. It isn't quite clear what Sanford accurately plans to do about sprawl- but clearly, the issue is on his priority list.

And this story isn't unique. I did a google search for websites containing both "Mark Sanford" and "New Urbanism" and got 309 hits.

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was also a smart growth supporter in Massachusetts; a google search of "Mitt Romney" and "smart growth" got 27,900 hits. By contrast, fellow governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee of Arkansas ended his term in office with a legislative package that emphasized "the three H's of health, higher education and highways".


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