Congestion Relief?

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Seems like Phoenix and Atlanta can only think of adding lanes - paving
over everything - as a way to deal with congestion. Doubt if they ever
heard of New Urbanism?


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Phoenix plans to almost double freeway lanes on Interstate 10

The Phoenix plan outlined in the USA Today article is amazing. Two miles of I-10 will be widened from 14 lanes to 24 lanes and another 12 miles will jump up to 22 lanes. The Arizona Department of Transportation projects that 450,000 cars a day will travel on this stretch in 2025, compared to the 294,000 vehicles using it today. I cannot imagine the back ups that will occur when there are incidents on the road.

How can we effectively point out the problems associated with putting all of their eggs in one basket?

Image from the Arizona Department of Transportation and USA Today.

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12 lanes max?

An engineer once told me that widening past 12 lanes is pointless -- the result is so much weaving that any additional capacity past additional lanes actually reduces capacity. Upon further inspection, the I-10 plan will create three separate freeways: the existing freeway will be express-only lanes, with two local freeways on either side. Sounds like a recipe for confusion!


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