Charleston, SC

Recent news has Charleston "building" another county park near bees ferry West Ashley. Mayor Joe is fulfilling his promise of a green belt around Charleston County. If all goes well Daniel Island will be adding a additional state park at the proposed SPA shipping terminal site. With this news I think Charleston is finally showing signs of slowing the sprawl and hopefully we can reduce the size of some of these projects that loom, such as Watson Hill, and Poplar Grove, in the Historic Plantation district. Does anyone have a idea on how I-26 will handle another North Charleston port terminal worth of containers ?


SC Governor Hosts Land-Use Conference

Charleston, and other parts of South Carolina, are indeed showing increasing support for New Urbanism, as the recent land-use conference called by Governor Sanford might suggest (see Most of the 200+ attendees spoke in favor of compact, mixed-use development. I think a gathering as such and NU support by the SC governor are very encouraging signs, hopefully slowing the region's sprawl while producing attractive alternatives. Has Governor Sanford made comments or taken action regarding the aforementioned green belt proposal, the new state park at the shipping terminal site, and Charleston-area development footprints? I'm sure the Carolinas Chapter Organizing Committee (see for contact info) is taking notice of these issues and moving on this front, as well.


I was present at the Land Use Conference and totally agree that we will be heading back in the right direction if we continue to use smart idea's and present them charrete style to the developers and builders. I have seen some maps of the proposed new park near Bees Ferry but not Daniel Islands. Thanks for your input.


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