NU-Tube: Video for Santa Fe Project does a smart job introducing principles and sustainability benefits of New Urbanism

This video isn't your daddy's view of New Urbanism. But amid the quick cuts and other cool effects, it does a nice job of introducing viewers to New Urbanism. Just now breaking ground (and already so pre-sold that it's generating a long waiting list) Oshara appears to be an emerging exemplar of green urbanism -- a traditional neighborhood of connected streets and blocks, onsite stormwater retention and other examples of smart infrastructure and green buildings to boot. The developers back up their vision with research showing that residents will generate energy-use and pollution reductions of nearly 50% through reduced use of automobiles and more efficient heating and cooling of buildings. (Interesting political footnote: New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson suported granting an easement over a freeway to better connect the project to Santa Fe's existing street grid.)

That the video is a nice piece of marketing isn't a big surprise: the developer is Alan Hoffman, a former chair of a CNU marketing committee.


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