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Alley sections often suffer from too wide or too narrow and even too gradated a section. Please share and comment upon good and bad conditions within alleys.

For instance, the Muse lanes in Edinburgh, Scotland are 18' wide with buildings of 2 stories at the sides. They feel wonderful to walk down and pleasant to visit within. Garage heights, however, suggest there is no way a hummer will fit in them. Contrarily the Must lanes in London are often of a much wider section or 30' or larger and provide space to service one's vehicle, or even set-up a furniture manufacturing outfit within them.

Since this is just a test, I won't really go into any detail.


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A fine line

Alleys should be narrow enough to calm traffic, but also must accommodate some of the largest vehicles on the roads -- garbage trucks, delivery vehicles, etc. If they're too narrow, people will just opt not to use them. It's a fine line to toe, indeed.

Higher buildings along the alley may have both positive and negative effects on safety. They cast longer shadows, but might also provide more eyes on the street. Alleys lined with nothing but enclosed parking offer no informal surveillance whatsoever.


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