CNU Transportation Summit Tours Prospect New Town

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On the last day of the CNU Transportation Summit in Boulder this past weekend, attendees had the opportunity to experience Prospect New Town by mingling with the local folk during a wine tasting and social house tour for CNU and local residents. In true transportation summit form, we chartered a "Hop" bus from the City of Boulder out to the TND, which was planned by Duany Plater-Zyberk and is known for its diverse architecture.

We picked up our wine glasses on the way off the bus, and then spent two hours walking to stores and homes around the town, where gracious hosts served wine and cheese and some offered tours of their slice of New Urbanism.

At each stop along the way we had the opportunity to meet residents who lived or worked in the town -- most of whom weren't familiar with CNU. It was a chance to connect with the people who end up living in new urbanist communities and see the impact the charter is having on real lives.

The event was organized by Charlier Associates, one of the summit hosts. Terri Musser from Charlier Associates also opened her Prospect home to CNU for the last stop in the tour.

Thank you, Terri, and thank you to all of the people of Prospect who opened their homes and businesses to us.


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Prospect Residents

The best part of the tour was meeting the residents of Prospect New Town. Numerous people commented on the community that they are building and how different it is from their previous homes. I also got to speak with friends of Prospect residents. One woman commented that she really enjoyed visiting her friend in Prospect and she felt like she knew more people there than in her own neighborhood.


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