CNU Transportation Summit 2006

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120 new urbanists and transportation engineers are currently in Boulder, Colo., for CNU's 2006 Transportation Summit. Yesterday, CNU held a workshop on the Context-Sensitive Design manual produced by the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) and CNU. In this second such workshop on the manual, attendees learned from the authors about the recomendations in the manual and how it might be applied, specifically in Boulder. Representatives from the City of Boulder and City of Denver presented local case studies and discussed how new urbanist principles for urban thoroughfare design might be implemented.

Today, attendees learned about CNU's transportation reform strategy from the co-chairs of the Project for Transportation Reform, Marcy McInelly and Norman Garrick. Other presenters today include Jim Charlier of Charlier Associates on Pedestrian Science, Elizabeth Macdonald on Street and Place Design, Norm Marshall and Lucy Gibson on Modeling, and Michael Ronkin and Dan Burden on Road Diets. Also on the agenda for today was a walking tour around downtown Boulder to experience transportation reform projects first-hand.

CNU will publish a report on the proceedings of the Summit in early 2007.


Blogging is the next best thing to being there

I'd love to know how the summit is going. With its Fast-tracks transit initiative and its apparent commitment to true context-sensitive streets, the Boulder-Denver region sounds like a real innovator on transportation design -- and a stimulating place to hold a summit. Please share highlights.

Thanks for the update

That's what I was looking for.


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