Highway To Boulevard Concept Comes of Age With Today's Joint HUD-DOT Announcement

Shift in Federal Emphasis Supports Efforts to Replace Elevated Highways with Walkable Surface Street

October 20, 2010

CNU 18 Rewind: Partnering to Support Sustainable Communities

Watch HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan Speak at CNU 18 For Free

October 5, 2010

Further Proof that New Urbanism Makes Economic Sense

U-VA Study Sees Mismatch Between Market Demand and Current Housing Stock

September 29, 2010

Free Summer Flick: The Next Urbanism is Not the New Urbanism

This month's free preview from the CNU 18 webcast library is a blockbuster

September 20, 2010

Location, Location, Location

September 2, 2010

CNU 19 Call for Input is Closed

A special thank you to all of those who took the time to submit ideas and provide comments and votes. Your ideas will help make CNU 19 in Madison a great success.

August 2, 2010

CNU Coalition Study Finds Restored Avenue Would Meet Traffic Needs, Stimulate Rebirth in New Orleans

Removing Claiborne freeway, restoring boulevard would add just minutes to trips and return blighted blocks to valuable use

July 22, 2010

New Interactive CNU 19 Call for Input

Share, Comment, and Vote for CNU 19 Ideas

July 6, 2010

CNU fire code proposals shot down; appeal filed

ICC voters choose confrontation over cooperation in street design discussion

May 21, 2010

At CNU 18, Donovan Announces a Federal First —HUD Will Use Location-Efficiency, LEED-ND Criteria to Score its Grant Applications

Change will help expand access to walkable, diverse neighborhoods rich in transportation options, as people "vote with their feet" for them

May 21, 2010