CNU Leads Broad Coalition to Washington for Fannie/Freddie Reform

CNU Spearheads Effort to Reform Restrictive Fannie and Freddie Development Requirements

March 4, 2011

Stop the Big Dig West

Seattle City Council should reconsider tunnel

February 18, 2011

CNU Helps Effort to Reform Fannie/Freddie Standards

CNU is excited to announce a major step in efforts to relax Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac underwriting rules

January 17, 2011

CNU's Emergency Response and Street Design Initiative

CNU is leading the charge to get new urbanists and firefighters to agree on a set of street design standards

January 8, 2011

CNU 19 Registration Opens

Don't miss out on the best 202s and guided tours!

December 1, 2010

Urban life key to tackling climate change

A remedy for the inconvenient truth

November 16, 2010

Call for Academic Papers Deadline Extended to December 9th

CNU Seeking Academic Papers and Reviewers for CNU 19 in Madison

November 15, 2010

Cash Prizes Added to 2011 Charter Awards

Grand Prize will be given for outstanding fulfillment of Charter Principles

November 2, 2010

Highway To Boulevard Concept Comes of Age With Today's Joint HUD-DOT Announcement

Shift in Federal Emphasis Supports Efforts to Replace Elevated Highways with Walkable Surface Street

October 20, 2010