CNU 23 Call for Ideas Now Open

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The most interesting and vibrant Congresses are those that represent a range of voices, disciplines, and perspectives. That's why we're inviting YOU to share your best ideas for topics, speakers, or places to be explored at our upcoming Congress in Dallas/Fort Worth, April 29-May 2, 2015

The rich and varied mosaic of the Dallas/Fort Worth region provides the perfect landscape to congregate around fresh ideas, to explore the range of opportunities and challenges CNU members are facing, and even to test them out on the street.

Submissions with the most votes and support will make their way onto the CNU 23: Meeting the Demand for Walkable Places program.

Share your ideas below or visit:

All submissions will be reviewed starting September 10, 2014.

Use the submissions form below to share your best ideas. Sign in via Facebook or login to CNU's Public Square to scan through the latest suggestions, vote for your favorite, or comment directly to the originator of the idea. Remember, the submissions with the most support will make it onto the CNU 23 program.

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