March-April 2014 Better! Cities and Towns

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In this issue, Rob Steuteville raves about a new book titled Dead End: Suburban Sprawl and the Rebirth of American Urbanism. "Dead End is the shrewdest book on the psychology of the built environment that I have read in a long time," says Steuteville. Dead End comes to us from Benjamin Ross, an environmental scientist who spent 15 years as president of the Maryland Action Committee on Transit.

The CNU update includes an admiration of the "planning aikido" of Harriet Tregoning. Until recently the Director of the DC Office of Planning, Tregoning has taken on a new role heading up the Partnership for Sustainable Communities for HUD. Tregoning will be bringing her well-earned experience to CNU 22 in Buffalo, where she'll be sharing the stage with Jennifer Keesmaat, Planning Director for the City of Toronto.