Buffalo: America's Best Designed City

Director John Paget Releases Stunning New Promo Film

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When you think of Buffalo, New York, what do you picture? A "rust belt" city, maybe some hot wings? I guarantee you that the video below, produced by John Paget of CNU media partner First + Main Media, will change your perspective.

It is no accident that the next Congress is happening in Buffalo. As the video shows, "The Queen City" is in the midst of a locally-driven upswing. Local leaders and city planners made a compelling case that Buffalo is both a fascinating case study of architecture and revitalization and also a challenge for New Urbanists to sink their teeth into.

Filmmaker John Paget is a CNU member who is actively promoting and supporting new urbanism in his adopted home city of Buffalo. Locals have been known to weep when seeing the video, and almost 100,000 people have already watched it on YouTube.

Watch the video, and make your plans now to join us at CNU 22 in Buffalo June 4-7, 2014. FIND OUT MORE