Get Accredited: Register for CNU-A

Registration open: February 12 through March 5, 2013

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Would you like "CNU-A" to appear after your name in research, articles, and initiatives?

How about the knowledge to effectively develop places that are sustainable, walkable, and livable?

Developed as a standard of professional excellence in the design of the built environment, the CNU-Accreditation program seeks to elevate the practice of the principles of New Urbanism. Nearly 20% of CNU's membership currently holds CNU-A status, including more than 170 from El Paso alone - the first city initiative to implement a CNU Accreditation requirement.

CNU-Accreditation complements AIA and AICP accreditations, by honing New Urbanist principles. In order "to evolve and get tougher, {and} focus more on streets," CNU and the University of Miami revised material in the Fall 2012, to include The Sustainable Street Network Principles, street-focued material stemming from the work of CNU's Project for Transportation Reform Initiative. By including The Sustainable Street Network Principles in the recommended readings and exam, the CNU-A program is expanding to address all areas of New Urbanist practice and design that can help individuals and municipalities enact long-lasting, value-adding change in their communities.

Registration for this optional University of Miami online prep course, The Principles and Practice of New Urbanism, and the CNU-A exam will be open from February 12 through March 5, 2013. Class will begin March 7, 2013.

Register for the next exam, slated for mid-2013, at

*Please note, you must be a current CNU member, and logged in to the CNU website to see the exam registration link.*