New SNU Video Series

New video series for Students of the New Urbanism

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Students for the New Urbanism (SNU) can now tap into the expertise of CNU partners and member organizations in our new SNU Video Series. Learn from CNU stalwarts as they examine the defining issues of urbanism.

CNU Board Vice Chair and 2013 Charter Awards Jury Chair Doug Farr (Farr Associates) tackles sustainability and its place at the center of New Urbanism. Eric Dembaugh (Associate Professor at Florida Atlantic University) breaks down the historic function of street and street planning, and answers how municipalities and planners alike can rediscover the street’s inherent function. And Karja Hansen (Principal at Poliphili) explains what turned her into a New Urbanist and why its holistic approach to the built environment is what will give communities the “sense of place” they yearn for.

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