CNU NorCal Chapter Extends Reach to All of California

CNU California Chapter Now Reaches 38 Million Residents

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On January 5, 2013 the Board of Directors of the Congress for the New Urbanism Northern California Chapter ratified its previous adoption of new bylaws that, among other changes, expands the Chapter's territory to include all 58 counties of the State of California.

With the extension of the organization's reach into southern California, the new chapter will now be identified as “Congress for the New Urbanism California Chapter”. 

Accordingly, the Board has added five additional Directors from Southern California:

  • Paul Bettenhausen
  • Howard Blackson
  • Art Cueto
  • Paul Martin
  • Matt Shannon

Founded by CNU members Tom Dolan, Phil Erickson, Steve Lawton, and Dan Parolek in 2006, the CNU Northern California Chapter has since promoted thoughtful land-use reform and sustainable urban design in cities and towns across the state. 

The larger, more robust chapter will serve nearly 200 CNU members and inspire the settlement patterns and built environment of 38 million California residents.

The Congress of the New Urbanism welcomes the expanded Congress for the New Urbanism California Chapter, and its continued encouragement of the adoption of the principles and practices of the New Urbanism. Read full press release here.